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This section deals with the most commonly asked questions for a Private Limited Company with a share capital. This is by far the most popular trading vehicle with a limited liability. Questions on other types of companies are dealt with in their specific pages.


The information available on this site is not intended to be comprehensive, and many details which may be relevant to particular circumstances have been omitted. Accordingly it should not be regarded as being a complete source of company law and information, and web users are advised to seek independent professional advice before acting on anything contained herein. Apex Company Services Limited cannot take any responsibility for the consequences of errors or omissions.

Do I need a secretary to register a company?

No. A private limited company is not legally required to have a company secretary. However, it may choose to appoint a secretary for other business reasons.

How many directors does a limited company need?

A private limited company needs one director. The same person may also be the shareholder. This means that the company can be owned and managed by one individual. There is no upper limit specified for the number of directors.

Can non-UK residents act as directors for a UK limited company?

Yes the directors of a UK company may reside in any country internationally, but the registered office of the company must be in the jurisdiction in which it is incorporated.

Can I keep my home address private?

Yes. We provide a full address service as well as telephone answering service for your business.

Do you provide an address service?

Yes. We provide registered office address service for your limited company. Your official mail will be forwarded to you promptly or dealt with as per your instructions.

Can I keep my home address private?

If you don’t want your home address to appear on public records you can use our service address and registered office address service. Visit our web page

How long will it take to register a company?

Average time scale is within a few hours.

How will the documents delivered?

If you have purchased Silver pack the documents will be delivered to you by email.

If you have purchased Gold  or Platinum pack you will receive the documents by email and by post. Royal mail 1st class is used to post the documents. Other methods of delivering the documents can be arranged on enquiring.

Is a bank account included in my company formation package?

We are partners with Lloyds and Barclays Bank and offer a free bank account application process is in each of our packages. We give £50 cash back if your application with the Bank is successful. Please note bank account opening is subject to the client meeting the Bank’s requirements, and is not guaranteed.

Do we need to provide any ID’s?

Yes. To comply with the anti-money laundering regulations (AML) we will ask you to provide two forms of identification – a proof of name (passport or driving license) and a proof of residential address. When you place your order on our website or via an email our staff will send you a full list of items you need to provide.

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