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It is not about us

At eformations we believe it is about you. How can we best serve our customers? It is a question we continuously ask ourselves.

Whether you are forming a company for yourself or for your clients, you need a reliable company formation agent who can take care of the complicated stuff, so your business can be incorporated correctly complying with all aspects of company law.

eFormations.co.uk has been designed with clever development tools that help deliver certificate of incorporation for your company in live time. After the company is formed eFormations allows you to manage your limited company via the admin portal and sends out reminders about important dates helping you to stay compliant with company law.You’ll love dealing with eFormations because the people behind it love to deliver customer satisfaction. Think of eFormations as your personal business advisor before and after forming the company.

Growing up but staying small

We love what we do and want to do it ourselves, not manage others. This helps us provide a friendly and personal service.

Online Developments

What makes us different

A common criticism of internet based service is that it makes the services too impersonal. Setting up a company is not exactly like buying a box of chocolates. Sure enough, you would want to discuss you requirements and go for the right kind of package. We are always there for you. Even the most confident business entrepreneurs would like to talk to someone before taking an important step like setting up a limited company.

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Director: Balvinder Chowdhary, BSc. Hons., Dip. Business management

A statement by the Director

People know me as Bal and I am a spirit with a great deal of business as well as human experience.

In 1991 I incorporated a company called Apex Company Services Ltd. specifically for the purpose of acting as a company formation agent and providing business start up advice. Company formation was a tedious process in those days (remember the days of the typewriter). We used to laboriously type out pages and pages of Memorandum and Articles of Association. Apex Company Services Ltd offered a professional service at very competitive price. This helped us grow from strength to strength.

In parallel with the technical developments at companies house we have also stayed abreast of the modern technology and offer our customers online company formations. After going through several stages of developments we now offer our customers our top class web based software which allows you to form the companies online and receive the certificate of incorporation within 2-5 working hours.

We have long standing relationships with firms of Chartered and Certified Accountants and other professional advisors who find our service invaluable in all matters relating to company formation and company secretarial matters

I warmly invite our customers to try out eFormations website because it is not just another internet company formation agent. We are real people behind the scene – qualified and experienced. Our associated firm www.chowdharyandco.com offers the services of a qualified chartered accountant, and between us we can do pretty much anything for small to medium sized businesses.

My hobbies: yoga, community service, swimming, walking and conscious communication.

And now meet my assistant Claire Bogle. She is bright, efficient, professional and gets the job done straight away.

A statement by Claire Bogle

I joined Bal at eformations in 2007 and can honestly say that the past 15 years have taken me on a steep professional learning curve. I have watched as the new Companies Act has been implemented and along with it various upgrades in our software.

At eFormations we always strive to ensure that you the customer are having their every need met and that all your queries can be answered. We are continually expanding our knowledge to make sure that you are kept up to date on any changes that may have an effect on your business.

My hobbies: football, rugby, reading and spending time with my family.

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