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Company Name Change

Registering A Company Name and Company Name Change

A company may change its name by special resolution of the members or by other means provided for in its articles of association.

When a company changes its name the company number remains the same. This means that the same entity continues to carry on its business.

Check List

Before changing a company name you should follow the following procedure.

  • Check that the proposed name is available using our free name check service.
  • Convene a directors’ meeting to recommend appropriate special resolution to members and to convene a general meeting. Or instead of holding a general meeting of members you can circulate a written resolution.
  • Once approved by members with at least 75% majority you can carry out a name change using our online name change service. The certificate of change of name will be delivered to your Inbox within 4-5 working hours.

Our Service

Cost: £40 + vat

You can use our online gateway to change the company name in easy steps:

Step 1: check the availability of company name using our advanced online  name checking software which also checks for ‘same as’ names.

Step 2: type in the current name and number of the company.

Step 3: Pay and submit.

What you will get:

By email:

  • Change of name certificate will be emailed to you within 3-5 working hours.

By post:

  • Hard copy of the change of name certificate;
  • 2 Bound copies of amended artilces of association of the company to reflect the new name.

Further info

What you need to do after changing a company name

You will need to change company stationery to reflect the new company name.

Contact your bank to complete a new bank mandate and change the bank stationery.

Notify HM Revenue & Customs for corporation tax, PAYE and VAT.

Order a new company seal if your company uses a seal.

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