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Issue of Shares

Issue of Shares or Allotment of Shares

Further shares can be issued in a limited company after it is incorporated.

A limited company may want to issue further shares for a number of reasons, the common ones being;

  • to raise funds by inviting people to invest in their company
  • to bring in a new shareholder for the purpose of having a joint ownership to run the business;
  • and there can be many more reasons.

Whatever the reason for issuing of shares the procedure is relatively simple, but must be done by professionals to make the share issue legal.

Eformations can take care of issuing of shares for your limited company.

Our Service

  • Check - We check that your company’s Articles don’t have a restriction on the maximum number of shares that can be issued. This is relevant to companies incorporated before 1 October 2009 because these older companies used to have an authorised share capital.
  • Complete an application form - We prepare the application form for the person wishing to own the new shares.
  • Pass a Resolution - We prepare the Resolution on behalf of the directors to approve the application and allot the shares to the person applying for them.
  • Submit form - We prepare form SH01 with accuracy and submit it to Companies House.
  • Prepare Share Certificate - We prepare the share certificate in the name of the new shareholder to make the issuing of shares fully legal.

How to Buy & Cost

Cost: £50 +vat per company. This allows you to make up to two allotments.

How to Buy: Please contact us by email info@ eformations.co.uk or call us on 020 8232 5479 to discuss your requirements.

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