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CardOne Bank Account

CardOneBanking can open your business current account in less than 24 hours, with no branch visits or signatures needed!

CardOnebanking is regulated by the FCA and an agent of Barclays Bank, offering business current account facilities managed via mobile phone through a mobile app, on-line through any device with internet, 24/7 phone or through a UK call centre.

CardOneBanking helps businesses manage their banking facilities, ensuring no bounced payment charges, no hidden bank charges and free text service advising any activity on the account helping you keep on top of your business finances.

CardOneBanking offers Cash Back Rewards at over 35 retailers including Asda, Argos, B&Q, Marks and Spencer and many more. 

Monies will be paid into a “Billing Account” where day to day banking can be undertaken and expenses/spending can be transferred onto a Corporate MasterCard usable worldwide.

What The Account Offers

  • Simple application process takes under 10 minutes to apply
  • 4 hour application opening
  • Cash Back Rewards up to 8%
  • Mobile App/Online access
  • No credit checks
  • Direct Debits and Faster Payments
  • Pay bills on line by faster payments or by mobile
  • Administration access to enable monitoring/control of employee expenditure
  • Export statements to Cloud and accounting network
  • Pay cash & cheques in at Barclays Branches
  • Free text alerts every time money is paid in

** Please note there is a £55 application fee, which is refundable if we cannot offer you an account

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