Step 1 - Check Company Name Availability

Step by Step guide for using our secure online gateway.

Online formation

Online formation

Timescale – 3-5 working hours .

Step 1: Check availability of your proposed company name

Decide upon a name for your company that best reflects your business. Visit choosing a company name to help you decide.

Type in your chosen company name in the name search box and hit the button.

The eFormations intelligent name check service will check whether your chose company name is ‘too like’ another company name. The name check service will also check for “sensitive words” that require special permission.


Step 2: Register

Register yourself on the website as an eformations user.

Step 3: Select package

Select one of our value packages to suit your business requirement.

Step 4: Registered office address

Type in your company’s registered office address


Use our address as the registered office address for your business for a small extra charge.

Step 5: Company’s appointments

Enter details of the persons who will be acting for the company, whether as directors, shareholders or secretary.

Step 6: Adapt Articles

eFormations will automatically prepare Articles of Association for your company using our tailor made Articles of Association.

Step 7: Appoint directors and shareholders

Check boxes to appoint the previously entered persons as directors, secretary, shareholders and also enter the number of shares issued to them.

If you are unsure about the impact of issuing shares, visit all about shares for further information.

Step 8: Select any additional services and check everything

Take advantage of our additional services, especially opening a bank account with Barclays where you can earn £35 cash on successful opening of company’s bank account.

Simply tick in any additional services you require. Before submitting you will get a chance to check all important details of the officers etc.

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the progress emails arriving in your Inbox.

After Submitting your forms:

1.You will receive an acnowledgment email from us attaching the forms you completed online.

2. Certificate of incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association and receipt of your payment will be to be delivered to your inbox, usually within 3-5 working hours. Some documents will arrive by post depending upon which package you have purchased.

Buy offline

Buy offline

We can understand that setting up a limited company is an important step for your business and you may not want to use the online gateway to take such an important step. In this case, we can send you paper forms to complete. They are just as easy as online forms. Paper forms can be scanned and emailed to us.

In the first instant take advantage of our free professional advice by contacting us.
Call us on 020 8232 5479 or email

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  • Accountancy Professionals

    Accountancy Professionals
    • Tailor made service for professionals
    • Discount codes available
    Accountancy Professionals
  • Overseas Customers

    Overseas Customers
    • Accommodation package meets the requirement of overseas customers.
    • Also available legalisation / apostill of company documents
    Overseas Customers
  • Restore a Company

    Restore a Company
    • Company struck off the register?
    • We provide a hassle free company restoration service
    Restore a Company