Overseas Customers - Register a Company in the UK

UK company registration attracts entrepreneurs from Europe and other parts of the world who are invariably looking for the company to be resident in England and Wales.

 We specialise in providing a custom made UK company registration service for non resident directors.

One of the main feature of our service for non resident directors is that we can ensure  that the company stays in good standing with the HM Revenue and Customs and at Companies House. This is often the most important criteria in choosing your company registration agent when the directors are not resident in the UK.

Our Service

Prices & Packages


Our Service

Key Features of Our Service:

  • Resident – Both ‘Gold Plus’ and ‘Platinum’ company formation package ensure that the company will meet the legal requirement of having a registered office in England.
  • One stop business centre – eFormations provide a complete range of related services like legalisation of documents, accountancy service, virtual office and much more. This means that you don’t need to look further in order to take your limited company off the ground and for business advice for future developments.
  • Good standing – Our qualified staff take pains to make sure that your company remains in good standing by sending you timely reminders about annual returns and annual accounts.
  • Admin Portal – You can do the some of the company statutory work yourself from the admin portal of our website, for example, changing directors, changing shareholders and filing annual returns with companies house.
  • Agents – We are happy to discuss bulk discounts for agents.

Prices & Packages

The ‘Gold’ Package  £99 + vat– Our special offer means that this is the  best value for money. It gives you our top company registration package as well as the registered office for the first year. Add the ‘Gold Plus’ option to your briefcase if you want to use our free registered office service.   More info

The ‘Platinum’ Package £250 + vat – If you need a full accommodation address for your company allowing you to show our address as the business correspondence address then the Platinum Package is what you will need.  More info

Value added tax (vat) is charged at 20%



 How to Buy?

Online: You can place your order for company registration on our website by completing the online forms and paying via secure trading payment gateway. No papaer forms will be necessary.

Offline: You can also contact us by email or by calling us on 00 44 208 232 5479. Our friendly staff will  give you full guidance and send you the necessary forms.

What documents will I need?

You will need to complete forms for the appointment of director. In order to comply with government regulations we need to identify you as a person and confirm your usual residential address in the country you live in. For this purpose you will need to send us a certified copy of your passport and a proof of address. Proof of address can be in the form of a utility bill or a bank statement.

How will I open a UK Bank Account?

We provide full assistance in opening a bank account by making an appointment for you to meet the bank manager. We can do this with any of the major UK Banks like HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Barclays or Natwest. We cannot guarantee a bank account for you because they are subject to you meeting the criteria laid by the individual banks.

Is there a cashback of £35 on opening a bank account?

Due to the policy laid down by the Banks the offer of cashback of £35 is only offered to UK customers.

Will I need to deposit money into the bank?

You can start your company’s bank account with as little money as you want to.

What is the difference between Registered office and Accommodation Address?

The registered office service allows you to use our address at companies house. This service meets the legal requirement and is adequate in cases where the company is going to be dormant or may not be trading in the UK. However,  in the event that the company wants to have a business address in the UK you should consider using our full accommodation address service. For further details visit  Address Service .

 Which Package is right for me?

We recommend that  you buy the Gold Plus Package. It is the best value for money because it includes one year’s free regitered office. If you need a full accommodation address service you will need to buy the Platinum Package.

What will I have to pay in the second year?

Our fee: In the second year you will need to renew the address service. For registered office renewal the cost will be £50 + vat and postal charges. For full accommodation address the renewal fee will be £200 + vat and postal charges.

What are the government filing requirements?

All companies registered at companies house are required to file the following documents:

– Annual Return – this is a statement of details of officers of the company to include any address changes, new appointments etc. There is a government filing fee of £40 if filed via a paper form and a fee of £14  if filed electronically.

– Accounts – End of year accounts must be filed with companies house regardless of whether the company has carried out any trading activity or not.

– Corporation Tax – A corporatin tax return must be filed with HM Revenue & Customs regardless of whether the company has carried out any trading activity or not.

The above documents have to be delivered on time in order to avoid penalties imposed by Companies House and the HMRC.

We provide a professional service to our clients helping them meet annual requirements.