VAT Registration and Company VAT Registration

All businesses with annual turnover above £77,000 have to register the business for vat with the HMRC.

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Vat Registration

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How can eformations vat registration service help my business?

eFormations’ will guide you online in completing a vat application form. The completed form will be immediately posted by us to the HMRC, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

We would also assist you in dealing with any queries arising from the application.

Vat Registration

UK limited companies must be registered for VAT if their turnover is in excess of the threshold level, currently £77,000 per annum. However, if the turnover is below this it is still possible for voluntary registration. Once the limited company is VAT registered it must charge VAT on the sale of non-exempted goods or services. It can claim back VAT on purchase of goods or services.

There can be a number of reasons for voluntary registration:

  1. Charging VAT – which VAT-registered corporate customers can reclaim in any case – shows that your company is legitimate and established.
  2. A limited company that is going to incur substantial expenses may register so as to reclaim VAT and save money.
  3. If you are an importer it is of benefit to have a VAT number for clearing goods at customs.

However, you must be clear about the impact of VAT registration on your business. For example, if you provide services to members of the public, registering for VAT will increase your prices. On the other hand, if your customers are mainly corporate bodies with their own VAT numbers, increased prices due to VAT will not matter because, as we’ve already observed, they can claim VAT back. The disadvantage of VAT registration is the extra admin work of VAT returns every quarter. So if your limited company is a small company you may wish to trade as long as you can without a VAT number.

If you decide not to register you must monitor your turnover so that you know when you are approaching the VAT registration threshold.

How to Buy & Cost

Add vat registration to your company formation shopping cart when forming a limited company.

If you are not forming a company contact us and we can complete the registration procedure over the phone.

Call us on 020 8232 5479.

Cost: £75 + vat

VAT Returns

Once the company has been registered for vat, timely returns have to be submitted to HMRC. In the return you must show vat out put ( how much vat you have collected on behalf of HMRC) and vat input (how much vat the company has paid to its suppliers). The difference between these two figures is what you have to pay to HMRC or in certain cases HMRC will have to pay the vat to the company (vat refund). This task can be done by yourself if you are reasonable familiar with book keeping or alternatively, you might want to focus on your business and leave this kind of onerous tasks to the professionals.

We can assist you with completing vat returns and submitting them to the HMRC on time.

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