Step 1 - Check Company Name Availability

Limited Company Registration from Company Formation Agents

Our guarantee – It is our responsibility to ensure that your company meets the latest legislation.

At a glance you will need

  • One or more individuals as directors,
  • One or more shareholders, holding at least one share,
  • Registered office in the country of incorporation.

Company name

The company name must end with the word Limited or Ltd. These can not be written anywhere else within the company name for limited company name registration.

The company name must not be the same as another company. Our company formation agents intelligent name check service will check the availability of the company name by cross-checking the data base held at companies house.

Companies House will print the name of your company in upper case on the certificate of incorporation. You can, however, display the name in whichever way you choose providing you do not alter it any way.

Restricted words: The company name should not contain any sensitive words unless you can meet the criteria for using them. Our company formation agents intelligent name check can check for any restricted / sensitive words.

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Registered office address

The registered office address of a limited company is where correspondence and notices are address. It is the official place of residence of the company.

Limited companies are required to have a registered office within the country that they are registered. If the company is to be registered in England & Wales then this is where the registered office address must be situated. If the company’s registered office is to be in Scotland then we can incorporate the company in Scotland.

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Directors are responsible for day to day running of the business on behalf of the company and are a required for limited company registration. They are employed by the company. The directors need not be the shareholders of the company, although in a small company scenario, the director(s) is often the shareholder of the company. Directors are paid by the company on PAYE scheme. In addition, if a director is also the shareholder, he/she may also take dividend from the profits of the company.

Number of directors:
A limited company is required to have at least one director but more may be appointed if required. If the director is a corporate entity then a second director will need to be appointed who is a natural individual. The director(s) need not be resident in the UK but must provide their usual residential address from whichever country they reside in.

Age limit:
The director(s) must be over the age of 16. However, please bear in mind that for opening a company bank account the signatory on the account has to be at least 18 years old.

Director’s address:
By law the directors of a limited company must give their usual residential address on the appointment form. Overseas directors must give their home address outside UK if that is where they normally live. The home address of the directors will not be shown on the public file by the Registrar of companies, if the directors select the option of providing a service address.

If no service address is given then the home address will automatically become the service address. In most cases this is often the desired situation.

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Under Companies Act 2006 there is no longer a legal requirement to have a company secretary when filing for limited company registration. However, a company may decide to appoint a company secretary.

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There must be at least one shareholder holding at least one share in the company’s capital. Shareholders are the owners of the company and directors are employees of the company. In small businesses, sole director would also be the shareholder and would therefore be the 100% owner of the company.

Read FAQ for further questions or if you are not able to find an answer to your question contact us for free advice from our company formation agents.

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