Payroll and Bookkeeping





The tax and national insurance is deducted at
source and it is called Pay As You Earn (PAYE).

Employers have an obligation to the Inland Revenue to deduct taxes from the employees’ salaries and pass the tax to the Revenue. If you employ staff and ignore your obligation to the Inland Revenue you will be penalised.

Payroll seems complex to employers, but using our fast, efficient and cost effective service it could not be more straightforward. We work for businesses of all sizes, ranging from sole traders with only one or two employees, to large companies with many staff. We have a department that specifically deals with payroll service. You tell us how many hours your employees have worked, and we will send you their pay slip and inform you of the Tax and National Insurance that needs to be paid.

Our complete payroll service includes:

  • Printing and despatching pay slips on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Submitting P35 to HMRC
  • End of year compliance work

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Why do your own bookkeeping when your
time could be better spent on marketing and
promoting your business?

At eFormations we give you the choice.

You could either dump all your books on us to take the burden off your shoulders, or alternatively we could train you in doing your own bookkeeping.

The first option is for those busy business people who want to completely outsource their bookkeeping to us.

Not everyone can comfortably maintain their own books & records. You may either be too busy to focus on this aspect of your business, you may not be comfortable with numbers or computers, or your company may simply not be large enough to afford a full-time in-house financial person. You may also be simply tired of trying to find competent, trustworthy part-time bookkeepers. Our firm can devise a customised solution for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs that allows you have these tasks done for you in our offices or at your premises in a way that you maintain awareness and control over the entire process.

The second option consists of Accounting System Setup and Training.

Some business owners are comfortable with numbers, but they don’t necessarily know how to organise and track their business finances. To make matters worse, many struggle with outdated or inappropriate accounting systems, which produce more stress than clear reporting. At Chowdhary & Co. we have years of experience in selecting systems and training small businesses to maintain their books and records in an easy and practical manner. You do not need to be an accountant, and once you have our training and support, it invariably frees your time and puts your focus where it should be – running your business.

to benefit from our bookkeeping service.

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