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Company Incorporation and Limited Company Accountants

We have been serving professional organisations for many years, incorporating companies and providing invaluable support services.

We enjoy a cordial relationship with professional clients from the accountancy and legal profession. You can take advantage of generous discounts and a credit account by registering on our website.

Benefits to Your Organisation

  • Discounted prices for company formation;
  • Bespoke Articles of Association incorporating any special clauses;
  • Open credit account to ease your cash flow and take away the hassle of entering credit card details every time.
  • Admin Portal on our website to manage your companies and perform secretarial functions, e.g. transfer and issue of shares;
  • Earn cash by referring your clients to Barclays Bank using our web based referral service.

How it Works

  • You click on the button below to express your interest in our services.
  • We would authenticate your organisation and/or authenticate you as a person in order to comply with money laundering regulations.
  • Once approved by our system we will send you a discount code. This will be valid for all future purchases made by your organisation.
  • You can choose to pay for each purchase or we can open a credit account.